Are you moving, doing a year-end cleanout, spring cleaning or just clearing out files and documents from an office space in Calgary or the surrounding area? These situations are all perfectly suited for a one-time shredding purge by our trained, bonded and uniformed security professionals. We will collect and shred your documents in our shredding plant.

The key to document destruction is 100% security. No job is too small; call us and we’ll pick up your documents in our secure shredding truck. If you like, we’ll also provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Calgary Archives offers convenient, flexible solutions to assist with your document, media, or electronic hardware destruction. We can pick up your files or boxes at any location in Calgary or the surrounding area, or you can deliver them to our new shredding plant in our Calgary facility.

If you require containers for your purged documents, we can provide these as well.

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