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Do you have a pile of sensitive documents sitting next to your paper shredder that should have been destroyed a long time ago? We understand that no one likes fussing with messy, time-wasting, unreliable paper shredding machines. But the more frustrating it is to shred your documents, the more they pile up around the shredder, and the greater the chance they could land in the wrong hands.

Calgary Archives’ drop off shredding locations in Calgary offer you a cost-effective and convenient identity theft and business fraud prevention solution. There’s no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or file folders from your documents. Our industrial-grade shredding equipment destroys your documents—file folders, staples and all—in a fraction of the time your paper shredder takes to do the job. Plus, our shredders make your sensitive information completely unrecognizable to thieves. Simply stop by our drop off shredding location nearest to you, and let us securely destroy your documents!

You can bring your documents directly to one of our locations or pick up a “Seal N’ Shred” bag from us beforehand, fill it at your own pace, seal it, and drop it off. We offer Seal N’ Shred bags in two sizes: 15-pound capacity or 35-pound capacity.

Convenient and Affordable Privacy Protection

Calgary Archives’ drop off shredding service is a convenient and affordable privacy protection solution for businesses and residences. We offer two convenient drop off shredding locations in Calgary for the secure destruction of your confidential records, including:

  • Tax records
  • Medical files
  • Legal documents
  • Bills
  • Receipts
  • Cancelled checks
  • Bank and credit card statements

Calgary Archives destroys your confidential documents securely, responsibly recycles your paper records, and even provides you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records upon request.

The Ultimate in Security

Calgary Archives’ paper shredding services adhere to all federal and provincial privacy protection standards. Our industry-leading security procedures keep your documents secure and accounted for at every step of the shredding process. Unlike other shredding and destruction service providers, we never outsource the destruction of your sensitive information. Screened and uniformed Calgary Archives employees collect your documents and follow strict chain of custody procedures during the entire destruction process. Our shredding plant is equipped with state-of-the-art security monitoring and access control systems to protect the privacy of your information.

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