At Calgary Archives, we understand the vital importance of destroying sensitive information, and we conduct our Certified Shredding Services with that in mind. We assist and manage the collection of confidential materials while offering the convenience of flexibility regarding the type of service you may require.

We guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction when shredding is complete.


  • Financial Records,
  • Research & Development,
  • Executive Information,
  • Purchasing,
  • Personnel,
  • Any document containing personal information such as Social Insurance Numbers. Home Phone Numbers and Signatures.


NO SORTING IS REQUIRED – Calgary Archives will shred all paper clips, coloured paper, staples, file folders, brochures, catalogues, light cardboard (non-food packaged, non-corrugated), floppy disks, CD ROMS, accounting box files and even small binders.

Box Destruction Services
Based upon your retention policy, boxes will be stored for a predetermined amount of time. Upon the end of this timeframe, the boxes will be recalled for certified secure destruction. Calgary Archives offers a full range of certified destruction services to meet our clients’ needs.

All shredding will be executed upon receipt of signed authorization. The customer will receive a shredding certificate by email promptly at completion of the shredding.

In-Office Shredding Collection Program
Calgary Archives offers a variety of in-office, locked collection consoles of different sizes and types to meet your needs; from personal containers to mailroom bins that are maintained according to your preference. The paper contents are returned to Calgary Archives’ shredding plant, where they are shredded and recycled.

Calgary Archives always follows strict procedures with the secure chain of custody with your documents. All paper is securely recycled after shredding.

We provide the following secure Shredding and Destruction services:

  1. Archival Files: Destroy the contents of cartons/boxes currently in storage at Calgary Archives or your offices.
  2. Scheduled Rotation Services: Set up a pre-determined pickup schedule for your consoles, such as weekly, monthly, etc. Our staff will come to your offices as scheduled and service your consoles for you.
  3. On Demand Services: When your locked collection console is full, contact us and our bonded staff will remove the contents and replace the container with an empty one.
  4. Purge Services: When you require a large amount of documents or media shredded or destroyed, contact our office for an estimate for this one-time service.

We guarantee your satisfaction, and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.


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