At Calgary Archives, we have a variety of options to help you convert paper records into electronic documents, saving you time, space and money. We prepare documents carefully to ensure that the best image possible is obtained. This includes the removal of staples, paperclips and bulldog clips. Documents can be captured in full colour, black and white, greyscale or a combination. Final images can be output in many different file formats depending on your preference.

Document scanning and imaging services we provide:

  • Paper to Digital
  • Bitonal & Colour
  • X-ray to Digital
  • E-file Conversion
  • Secure & Confidential

Whether you already have a digital file or you need a paper document scanned, we can convert almost any digital document to another format and also perform special processing on the digital document.

If you require scanning services for a single project, or a full scanning process to transition your business to a paperless environment, Calgary Archives can help!

Scan on Demand can include the following:

  • Convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Convert any scanned document up to 1200 dpi resolution.
  • Digital masking of seismic sections.
  • Stitching of multiple images to create one image.
  • Geo-Referencing of maps.
  • Striping of seismic sections.
  • Transform raster images to vector format (AutoCAD DXF, Windows Metafile, Postscript, and Adobe Illustrator).
  • CD/DVD duplication services.

A key advantage to Scan on Demand is the ability to combine your records storage and document scanning services, resulting in cost savings for our clients. When a client requests files, instead of delivering a file to the client location, we retrieve it from our inventory, prep, scan and forwards the digital file to the client in a specified format using encrypted email or secure online system.

Contact our Scanning & Imaging Department for more information.


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