Don’t let old technology get in the way of keeping your data current and usable. Let us convert it with our Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning Service.

At Calgary Archives, our microfilm/microfiche scanner uses superior camera technology to produce sharp scanned images with excellent edge definition. Its use of fibre optics for its light source eliminates hot spots and uneven edges produced by most microfilm/microfiche scanners.

By converting your data to an electronic format, our process allows for immediate document retrieval by authorized users from their local desktop, or anywhere in the world, via the internet.

Features of our Conversion Services:

  • Digital conversion of microfilm/microfiche eliminates the intensive manual nature of film retrieval, and can reduce retrieval times to mere seconds.
  • Save space and staff dedicated to managing the storage and retrieval of microfilm and microfiche.
  • Scanning resolutions range from 100 dpi to 600 dpi.
  • Scan microfiche up to 105mm.
  • Scan 16mm or 35mm roll film.
  • Scan positive or negative film images.
  • Ribbon scanning.
  • Scan well logs and stitch when required.
  • Top-of-the-line software dedicated to microfilm and microfiche scanning.
  • 7x-52x reduction ratio.
  • Custom indexing, bookmarking, and file naming is available upon request.

Calgary Archives is happy to provide, free of charge, a sample scanned from your microfilm or microfiche so you can see for yourself the benefits of using Calgary Archives as your scanning and conversion partner.

Inquire today about how we can be of service to you!


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