Records Management starts from the creation of a record and continues throughout the many stages of its lifecycle. Think of files stores in our Records Centre as if they are stored in your office. When you require access to your files, we delivery them to you.

Our Records Management service uses an integrated program called ActiveWeb, a complete web-based document management system. We train you in the use of ActiveWeb, and you work with your own Account Manager. ActiveWeb features include:

  • Online access for authorized users
  • The ability to create and define custom data fields
  • A unique and intelligent bar code tracking system
  • Function keys that auto-populate data fields with predetermined values
  • Robust reporting capability
  • Immediate order confirmation
  • Additional features to suit growth, needs and budgets
  • Multiple security level options and group access rights
  • Requires minimal technical support because it’s easy to use
Industries that benefits from the active file storage include:
  • Medical Records, including radiology and x-ray film
  • Legal Offices
  • Accounting Offices
  • Insurance Industries
  • Oil & Gas Companies, including core samples, well files and logs
  • Provincial Government Offices
  • Federal Government Agencies
In partnership with IRSG, Calgary Archives currently serves clients across Canada.

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