Not sure what’s in your cartons or file boxes?

The more you know about what’s in your file boxes and cartons, the more control you will have over your file inventory. Although you might see creating a file inventory as a huge project, our dedicated team of indexing specialists will accomplish the task effectively and accurately, saving you time and manpower. Once our indexing service is completed, we provide you with an inventory of each box.

Already storing your boxes and cartons with Calgary Archives?

If you are unsure what’s in your stored, archived boxes, Calgary Archives can assist you in the creation of a complete, file-level inventory of each record within each carton stored with us, plus any new boxes you send to us.

Not a Calgary Archives storage customer?

If you need to confirm what’s in your own file boxes or cartons, we can also index your file inventory at your location or facility.

At Calgary Archives, we offer a wide range of efficient indexing services, including:

  • Bookmarking
  • Bar coding
  • File naming

Once you have control over your inventory, the easier it will be to define your information’s retention schedule. So, the better you are with those schedules, the more cost-effective your management program will be.

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