ActiveWeb offers you the advantage of access to all of your documents, anytime, anywhere!

Secure Online Access is a service available for all clients of Calgary Archives, and it’s called ActiveWeb. Welcome to a whole new world of document management, where searching, tracking, ordering and delivering documents is simple. Plus, we offer on-site training!

With ActiveWeb, you’re on top of every carton and every file. You know where they are, what’s in them, and when to destroy them.

This secure online service is available to your authorized personnel only and enables you to:
  • Access your records inventory
  • Manage documents throughout their lifecycle
  • Schedule pickups and deliveries for cartons moving between your offices and Calgary Archives’ Record Centre
  • Track retrieval requests
  • Order boxes/cartons for delivery
  • Create retention schedules
  • Create and print customized reports
  • Order the secure destruction of records
ActiveWeb is a complete web-based document management system, and its features include:
  • Online access for authorized users
  • The ability to create and define custom data fields
  • A unique and intelligent bar code tracking system
  • Function keys that auto-populate data fields with predetermined values
  • Robust reporting capability
  • Immediate order confirmation
  • Additional features to suit growth, needs and budgets
  • Multiple security level options and group access rights
  • Requires minimal technical support because it’s easy to use
All Calgary Archives servers and computer systems are protected by hardware firewalls that offer intrusion protection, safeguards against denial of service attacks, and real-time security alerts. This security is further enhanced by software-based firewall and anti-virus software to guard against internal risks. System redundancy is in place for all of our servers, and databases are backed up routinely to an off-site location in order to prevent data loss.

Please contact us today to get started with ActiveWeb.


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