Every year the world produces 300 million tons of paper. Canada and the United States continue to be the largest producers of paper and paper products in the world. That is a lot of receipts, invoices, spreadsheets, binders, pamphlets and a multitude of other record types. The lingering question remains, what do we actually do with it all?

You could shred most of it and keep the office tidy by ensuring only the required documents are maintained in cabinets? Those cabinets do tend to fill up fast and they also take up a lot of space, so you realize you might want to only keep the latest versions, and store the older records off-site. Seems simple enough, but what do you do when you need to retrieve something later on? Did the person before you put enough detail into the file index so you can find what you need and have it brought back from the off-site facility? Who even has that spreadsheet from years ago?

The IT department is now playing catch up and offers a new database to manage your documentation needs. Perfect! But wait, those legacy items are all still paper and stored off-site. Unfortunately, you are now tasked with the nightmare of trying to convert all those paper records into usable scans. To top it off you need high quality images and files that will be formatted for long term accessibility.

Uh oh, now you’ve got a 300-million-ton headache! Fear not! Calgary Archives offers an assortment of solutions for all those troubles and more, including:

Secure Offsite Record Storage

  • Carton storage
  • Media storage & rotation scheduling
  • Core Storage

Shredding & Destruction Services

  • Paper shredding & scheduling
  • One-time office purge
  • Hard drive destruction

Scanning Services

  • Document imaging
  • Indexing & metadata
  • OCR

Whatever your needs may be, there is always a secure, quality and efficient answer with Calgary Archives. You too can also join our extensive list of clients that benefit from our well-rounded processes and services. Through our ActiveWeb portal teams are able to maintain media, box and file content details as well as order various activities, including pickups, deliveries and rotations. No longer suffer from lost lists and outdated indexes.

With the services you need, a team of dedicated professionals and prices that cannot be beat, you need look no further than Calgary Archives. To get started please visit our web site,, or contact our Sales teams at or 403-230-4343.

Calgary Archives also offers, TrimFiles, secure digital database vaults for your electronic documents & information management needs. Our partnership with M-Files allows us to provide you with an easy to use, highly efficient and cost-effective software toolkit that leverages your information assets in order to help do the heavy lifting for you.


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