The greatest loss any business can experience is the unexpected loss of documents and data. Fortunately, a small amount of prevention goes a long way in protecting your information. Here are several threats to be aware of, and ways you can prevent them from impacting your organization.

Fires, Floods, and Natural Disasters

Sudden, catastrophic events and natural disasters are impossible to control. But acknowledgement of risk and proactive measures can ensure your business survives the unforeseen. For example, a company located in a low-lying area that stores its archival and permanent business files onsite faces the constant risk of losing its records to a flood. Similarly, a small business owner storing tax records in a self storage facility may not think about what’s being stored in the unit next to theirs, but if it’s combustible material, their documents could literally go up in smoke. But with secure off-site document storage, these risks can be easily mitigated.

A commercial records centre is designed specifically to protect paper documents from a wide range of threats, including severe weather events and natural disasters. No combustible or flammable items are allowed in the facility. Client records are stored on specialized racking systems in a facility equipped with features like:

  • Smoke, heat and fire detection systems
  • Perimeter security
  • Motion detectors
  • Alarmed intrusion detection

Your business records are transferred to the records centre for safekeeping over the long- or short-term. They are barcoded, tracked, retrieved and delivered to you upon request.

Misappropriated Media

Diligent backup of your corporate data is a must. But it’s just as essential to safeguard your backup media. As a small business owner, you may think it’s safe to take your backup media home with you each evening. But what happens if your home is broken into and that tape or hard drive is stolen? What would the repercussions be if you leave media in your car overnight and your vehicle is stolen?

By storing your backup media off-site in a dedicated media vault, your data is protected from theft. A media rotation service saves you time and money by picking up your media from your office and transferring it directly to the media vault for safe storage. A comprehensive environmental and security system with round-the-clock video surveillance within the vault monitors for the following threats:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Heat and smoke
  • Moisture or temperature fluctuations

Dedicated, positive-pressure climate systems ensure that your media remains preserved in optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

Records Snatched from Dumpsters

Identity theft and business fraud criminals target business dumpsters for access to carelessly-discarded confidential records. While “dumpster diving” is illegal in many Canadian provinces, that doesn’t stop thieves from doing it anyway.

A professional shredding and destruction services offers a secure method for discarding confidential information. Locked collection bins or consoles are placed in your office, enabling quick and easy disposal of confidential documents. The contents of your containers are regularly collected by a uniformed and bonded information security professional for destruction so your information never lands in the trash bin or dumpster.

It’s important to protect and manage your information regardless of its format or medium—the survival of your business depends on it!

Calgary Archives provides shredding and destruction services for businesses in the City of Calgary and throughout the Province of Alberta. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.


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