It is mind boggling how much data flows through the internet every minute of every day. It is also incredibly alarming how often that data falls into the wrong hands. Everything from personal information to emails, financial records, payroll receipts, engineering documents, and much, much more is being captured by rogue third parties. It seems like every week some company is hacked and vast amounts of vital data, often mission critical data or personal information, is falling into the hands of thieves and blackmailers. Unfortunately, this information often ends up being sold and resold on digital black markets and used in a very negative manner against the same companies, their clients or the individuals it was stolen from.

With the world going through a massive switch to cloud technologies, many organizations are realizing the benefits of some older techniques and technologies. The days of the disk are far from over!

Data is very well protected when it is disconnected from the internet and stored offline. Like when it is stored on media devices such as CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, microfiche or microfilm, rather than housed in the cloud. An email is easy to intercept through the internet but copying the data on a disk locked in a secure vault, in a highly secure and monitored facility, is definitely a whole lot more challenging. That scenario sounds more like something out of a spy novel or film.

Calgary Archives offers a full suite of media storage, media rotation and media destruction services to complement our physical records management and imaging services.

Your media devices are transported in locked containers, in unmarked vehicles by fully vetted and highly professional drivers. Our facilities have 24/7 security and our teams follow a very robust rotation and delivery process that ensures your digital media devices are never exposed to risk and are not compromised during transportation and delivery. At the end of their lifecycle, our media destruction process ensures that your data is completely destroyed and will never be made accessible from that retired device.

Calgary Archives offers a full suite of documentation services including record storage, shredding & destruction, scanning & imaging and media storage. With the services you need, a team of dedicated professionals and prices that cannot be beat, you need look no further than Calgary Archives. To get started please visit our web site, www.calgaryarchives.com, or contact our Sales teams at sales@calgaryarchives.com or 403-230-4343.

Calgary Archives also offers, TrimFiles, secure digital database vaults for your electronic documents & information management needs. Our partnership with M-Files allows us to provide you with an easy to use, highly efficient and cost-effective software toolkit that leverages your information assets in order to help do the heavy lifting for you. TrimFiles: Document Management Made Simple.


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