No privacy protection plan is complete without document shredding. You can either destroy your records in-house or outsource your destruction to a professional provider. Here we offer a head-to-head analysis of both options to help you select the right choice for keeping your business information safe.


In-House Shredding

Shredding your documents in-house may seem secure, but it’s full of risks. First, it’s almost impossible to maintain a verifiable chain of custody. Employees can toss sensitive paperwork into an office waste or recycling bin far more easily and quickly than it takes to use a shredding machine. And even if time is taken to shred, ultimately all shredded material lands in a dumpster where it can easily be stolen.

Outsourced Shredding

In contrast, outsourced shredding services offer a closed-loop process for destroying your information. From collection, to destruction, to the recycling of shredded material, screened and bonded shredding technicians maintain strict and secure chain of custody with your documents. You even receive a Certificate of Destruction when the destruction process is complete. Finally, the industrial shredding equipment used by a professional shredding service is able to shred documents to a much smaller particle size than your office shredder. This ensures that your confidential information stays out of the wrong hands.

Time and Efficiency

In-House Shredding

The next time you shred documents with an office paper shredder, use a stopwatch to time how long it takes. By the time you remove the folders, staples and paper clips from your documents, hand-feed them through the shredder, and empty the collection bin, you’ve lost several minutes or even more if you had to fix a paper jam along the way.

Outsourced Shredding

Professional, plant-based shredding equipment can destroy documents in a fraction of the time it takes to use an office paper shredder. That’s because file folders, staples, paper clips, rubber bands and sticky notes don’t have to be removed from files before they’re shredded. Professional shredding machines can even destroy non-paper items like backup tapes and hard drives which makes them ideal for a comprehensive, corporate information destruction solution.

With an outsourced shredding solution, there’s no need to waste money or hamper productivity by tasking your employees with shredding duties. Instead, they can quickly drop unwanted documents and files into a locked shredding console and move on to tasks that generate money for your business.


In-House Shredding

Your business needs to take privacy protection seriously without taking resources away from your core business objectives. In-house shredding can push important objectives, like developing products and serving your customers, to the back burner.

Outsourced Shredding

With an outsourced shredding solution, document destruction is handled for you so you can focus on your business priorities. Outsourcing your shredding truly is more efficient, economical and secure than doing it yourself.


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