Your Documentation Final Frontier, these are the storages of your files and records. Your continuing mission: to explore affordable solutions, to seek out innovative answers, to boldly go where many have gone before.

It’s not science fiction or fantasy to seek out quality and affordable solutions to your office clutter. You do not need to live with cosmic stacks of records and files that orbit your work area. No one should need to dodge boxes in the hallways as though they are navigating a course through a dangerous asteroid belt. It is possible to position your office in a goldilocks zone with your files and by doing so increase the habitability of your office environment.

The records voyage from start to finish has seen them traverse great distances, through many anomalies, across many sectors and now it is time for them to be squared away. Some journeys end in remote, out of the way shelving units, others end their life cycle when they are destroyed by mammoth shredders.

Although space is vast, your office is finite. Calgary Archives is able to assist with all your record storage and cleanup needs to ensure you make the most of your office. Our shredding, destruction, media & record storage, and imaging services can be utilized to help ensure your office space remains free.

Always consider Calgary Archives a solution to help keep your team from going supernova.


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