It’s always unfortunate when you cannot get everything done on your to do list. Sometimes this is due to procrastination, other times a result of being far too busy. And on the rare occasion it’s because you did not have the right team to help back you up. Calgary Archives as always is here to help!

We may not be able to finish your to do list from last year, the year before, or the year before that. We certainly wouldn’t turn down any leftover holiday goodies either, however we can help you get to cleaning up all those unnecessary files and documents that result from years of productive business.

Our purge and shredding services are well equipped to meet your office needs. Our highly trained, uniformed and bonded staff can help you clear out your old files and documents for a fresh start to 2018. No job is too small.

Once the purge is completed our team can keep you on the right path with our shredding consoles and our regular scheduled shredding services, forever removing this item from your pesky to do list. Our consoles come in many sizes and can seamlessly integrate into your office environment.

Calgary Archives has a few ways to help you prepare for the new year and help complete those items on your list. Our other services as always are available to meet your other needs, from shredding to hard drive destruction, record & media storage, scanning & imaging as well as TrimFiles, our electronic content management platform powered by M-Files.


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