Calgary Archives is a leader in Document Storage, Destruction and Imaging Services, but what is perhaps less known about us is that we are also very proficient at Data Entry. For us often Data Entry is the capture of details, data or metadata, during the processing of documents undergoing Imaging. This process can help clients by gathering up as much or as little information, for entry into a current or future Information Management Solution. This data is used to identify, sort and index the files allowing other users an easier method for understanding what it is, why it’s there, who it pertains to and many other questions. In a similar fashion to our imaging process our plan is to ensure a coordinated and standardized approach to gathering these metadata details.

At a minimum our team will provide file naming for any newly digitized documents. From there we can expand and gather up other details such as Dates, Titles, Tags, Addresses, Names (Patient, Vendors, Companies), Invoice Numbers and the many other potential scenarios that may arise depending on the industry involved. Basically, our goal with this service is to gather up all information that will aid our clients with identifying each individual document in the future.

What information is gathered is as important as what format that information is captured in, in this case format is not referring to the file format, but the way the information (metadata) is laid out or documented. In the past many systems did not have a mechanism for capturing some of these details, in fact many organizations still rely heavily on Windows folders, which simply cannot capture most of the values without some form of work around, as a result many of those organizations were putting it all into the one field they had available, the file name. Not to say this method cannot and does not still occur, it however does leave many clients with a harder process when systems are updated or change and enforce a more robust document management strategy.

Having a good plan in place and being able to leverage a wealth of expertise from a quality team can help ensure that your information and document assets remain easy to identify and find for years to come. It is equally important to have a good team available for quick fixes, when things do change or evolve, one that can react and process your files quickly and correctly. Whether you need a quick fix or a major overhaul our Data Entry skill set can be a significant boon and when combined with our other services can be another puzzle piece to help with your next project.

Calgary Archives offers a full suite of documentation services including record storage, shredding & destruction, scanning & imaging and media storage. With the services you need, a team of dedicated professionals and prices that cannot be beat, you need look no further than Calgary Archives. To get started please visit our web site, www.calgaryarchives.com, or contact our Sales teams at sales@calgaryarchives.com or 403-230-4343.

Calgary Archives also offers, TrimFiles, secure digital database vaults for your electronic documents & information management needs. Our partnership with M-Files allows us to provide you with an easy to use, highly efficient and cost-effective software toolkit that leverages your information assets in order to help do the heavy lifting for you. TrimFiles: Document Management Made Simple.


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