Calgary Archives provides an offsite media storage service designed to protect all your electronic media from damage or disaster. We will help you create a secure and orderly backup rotation suited to your needs.

Our fleet of vehicles and bonded, insured drivers ensures that your backup devices are transported securely from your offices to our media vault, whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

Rotating your data back-up tapes is an essential part of any Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan. Our off-site facility provides protection for your backups from any localized event such as server crashes, fire, flooding or windstorms.

We transport your media cases in a climate controlled vehicle, from your facility directly to our facility. We then store your media cases in our climate-controlled vault.

The types of media we store include:

  • Magnetic tapes
  • Digital audio tapes (DATs)
  • Compact Disks (CDs)
  • Digital video disks (DVDs)
  • External hard drives
  • Microfilm and microfiche

Calgary Archives’ Media Vault is a high-density storage system with an 88,000-tape capacity in a separate, secured area within our Records Centre. Features of our high-security vault include:

  • Double-secured entry with viewing area.
  • Concrete floor and walls.
  • Dedicated, positive-pressure climate system. Temperature maintained at 28°C and
  • Humidity at 35%, both with a 5% variance or less.
  • Argon gas fire-suppression system (replaces oxygen with non-combustible gas). Standard sprinkler system within the vault as backup.
  • Comprehensive security system with 24/7 recorded video and monitors for heat, smoke, flood, glass break, motion and intrusion.

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