Calgary Archives provides off-site Media Storage Services designed to protect your electronic media from damage. With the possibility of floods, blackouts or fire, off-site storage is a necessity for your critical data.

Types of media we store include:

  • Magnetic Tapes
  • Digital Auto Tapes (DATs)
  • Compact Disks (CDs)
  • Digital Video Disks (DVDs)
  • External Hard Drives
  • Microfilm & Microfiche

Our Media Storage solution offers an efficient, dedicated space for all of your critical electronic data. Calgary Archives’ Media Vault uses a climate-controlled environment to protect against humidity and temperature changes. It is a high-density storage system with 88,000 tape capacity in a separately secured area within the Records Centre.

All media bound for vault storage is bar coded and then scanned into a shelf location for ease of search, retrieval, reporting and management. If you require any of your media while it’s being stored, simply call us. Our fleet of vehicles and bonded, insured drivers will transport your media quickly and securely from our vault to your office.

Features of our high-security vault include:

  • Double-secured entry with viewing area.
  • Concrete floor and walls.
  • Dedicated, positive-pressure climate system. Temperature maintained at 28°C and
  • Humidity at 35%, both with a 5% variance or less.
  • Argon gas fire-suppression system (replaces oxygen with non-combustible gas). Standard sprinkler system within the vault as backup.
  • Comprehensive security system with 24/7 recorded video and monitors for heat, smoke, flood, glass break, motion and intrusion.

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