Calgary Chamber

For more then 120 years, the Calgary Chamber has been the city’s main connector of people, ideas and stories. As a non-partisan organization they have facilitated meetings, debates and gatherings with some of the brightest business and political minds in the city, province and country. Calgary Archives’ team members often participate in monthly events and networking meetings.


ARMA International stands for the Association of Records Managers and Administrators.

ARMA aims to educate, advocate and provide resources to the worldwide community of records and information management. There are chapters all over the world, including 14 here in Canada. Calgary Archives is a member of the Calgary Chapter.

The association offers a number of resources for Records Managers and also publishes a magazine called “Information Management”.


PRISM stands for the Professional Records and Information Services Management.

Their vision statement is “to be the global advocate for safeguarding physical and digital information by serving organizations who provide information management services”.

They offer online sessions and annual conferences to educate Records Managers.


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